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Discover the delights of aromatherapy with Linnaea Botanicals. Whether you’re looking for a consulation, custom blends or workshops our aromatherapists can introduce you to the benefits of essential oils. Aromatherapy can treat both mind and body and can be used to relax, revive and invigorate. Used as an alternative medicine or as a complementary therapy, ancient civilisations have harnessed the power of plants and plant extracts for thousands of years, and now it's come to Lone Butte. To find out more and to see how aromatherapy can benefit you, contact us today through our booking form

Your Aromatherapy Appointment

When you first reach out to us we will ask you to spend some time filling in a questionnaire. This will form the basis of a consultation with your aromatherapist and is a good opportunity to flag any particular concerns or issues that you have. Our staff are highly professional and will work to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the treatment and leave feeling like you’ve had a real treat.

Enter a state of total relaxation

Our treatments let you take the time to treat yourself. Using plants and plant based extracts, aromatherapy can help you unwind and relax. Smell is one of our strongest senses and different oils can be used to achieve different results. Your therapist will understand how to use techniques and ingredients that nourish, revive, hydrate and relax your skin and body. For more information, call us to see how we can kick start your journey into wellbeing using the goodness of plants.


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